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Tiger, king of the forest had once lorded over its territory in India, Pakistan and Burma for millions of years.  Now, there is a great reduction in its numbers, due not to natural phenomena but because Man has encroached into its territory.  Tiger is at present one of many endangered species of the world.

In Shan Chronicles two brothers of Mong Mao, Hso Hkan Hpa and Hso Long Hpa were great Shan warriors who extended the Nam Mao Long Kingdom into many parts of Burma Proper, Assam, Manipur, Lao, parts of Thailand, Southern Yunnan and the present day Shan State.  As the name of the elder brother signifies the brothers belonged to “the House of Hso” meaning “the House of Tigers”.

The Shan, therefore regarded the Tiger as a very special animal and adopted it as its emblem.

Please save the Tiger.

Please save the Shan.


Inviting Peoples of the Shan State

With the launching of "Shan Commongood Action Network" S.C.A.N under the web site '' we invite peoples of the Shan State to communicate with each other and work for the commongood of all concerned.

Let us together search for the truth and live with reason and conscience,
and refrain from being indoctrinated by ill- meaning individuals.

Let us broaden our knowledge through exchange of ideas; all ideas are worthy of consideration without prejudices.

The Shan State is the home of different ethnic groups - the spirit then is
of respect for diversity and of mutual co-existence. This spirit is very
important if we are to live in peace and harmony

Although each group has its own history, tradition and culture all can live
side by side with tolerance and understanding, and without a desire to
destroy or assimilate.




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